Three Great Bali Attractions

Bali is world-famous as a holiday destination.  In the Indonesian language, “Bali” means “the Island of the Gods.”  It is certainly a divine landscape, with volcanic hills, rice terraces, sandy beaches, a rugged coastline, and a picturesque landscape of mountains and valleys.  It is also a place of deep spiritual ambiance arising from its incomparable culture.  It is indeed a paradise on earth.

Dawns here are a fascinating display of gold and silver colors.  Coconut fronds sway gently in the island breeze, lagoons glisten from reflected sunlight, and the morning sky is silhouetted by temples that can only be seen on Bali holidays.

Over the years, due to its popularity, it has developed many amenities, facilities, and activities for tourists, and these range from excellent surfing to world-class diving.  Additionally, there are numerous cultural attractions, historical sites and archaeological discoveries.  This highly popular island destination invariably wins travel awards as the ideal place to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.  There is something here for everyone, from the ultra-rich to the adventurous backpacker.

Although it is difficult to isolate just three great things about Bali, perhaps the Uluwata temple, Penelokan Kintamani, and Gunung Kawi deserve top rankings.

Sun Bursts Unto You The Uluwata Temple

This temple is located on the island’s western tip.  Here visitors can witness the spectacular Bali sunsets.  There is a small fee to enter the temple and an additional fee to enjoy watching a Balinese dance ceremony.  Since this is a temple, casual tourist clothing is discouraged.  Since knees have to be covered to show respect, those wearing shorts have to wear a sarong.  A charming belief surrounding the temple is that the island monkeys who throng here are guardians, protecting the temple and all who enter its sacred grounds from evil spirits.  One precaution regarding the monkeys is that temple visitors are warned not to wear shining jewelry or glittering clothes as these attract the unwanted attention of the monkeys!

Penelokan Kintamani

This mountain is for athletic tourists who have come to hike in Bali.  It can take up to three hours to ascend the mountain, but once on to the very top the view is definitely worth it.  Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the four largest lakes in Bali.  Photographers delight in the spectacular view and click until they run out of film.  The flora is lush and the fauna is abundant.  Penelokan Kintamani is a natural conservation.

Gunung Kawi

This large, ancient monument is part of a Hindu Temple.  Like The Uluwata Temple it is steeped in history.  Centuries old, the temple date is not known, but the best guess is that it was founded between 1050 and 1080.  A hushed stillness and a serene stillness awes the visitor, and the temple is famous for being the best place in Bali to enjoy deep meditation, sudden peace-of-mind, and spontaneous happiness for no reason.  A deep spirituality appears to emanate from its ancient stones. Vendors have set up numerous booths here, where they sell trinkets and souvenirs to tourists who want to take away something to remember their visit to this memorable location.

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