Solo Female: Work While Traveling

One Woman….

11 months…

Balancing Work and Travel….


When Shannon first launched into the world of RTW travel, she spent 11 months exploring Europe and Asia. The travel bug bit her hard and every since then she’s more likely to be found working remotely from an exotic locale than at a neighborhood cubicle.

Today Shannon is still on the road explore new locations and working remotely. She’s developed her own successful business and manages a work/travel balance from the keyboard of a laptop.


The Saving

Working from the road has been a major part of Shannon’s financial plan. Her business acumen helped her develop a successful business – a location independent business. This allows her to travel and work, something that has worked well for her.

Prior to her first trip, Shannon sold her posessions, ranging from her car to household goods. That gave her a small nest-egg to help cushion initial travel expenses and start-up costs.

Like everyone else we surveyed, Shannon tracked every single expenditure in a spreadsheet. Today you can use online tools like or to track and manipulate your data on the web, but a spreadsheet may be the easiest if you’re in remote locations.

Unlike some of our other profiled travelers, Shannon did not give herself a hard budget line per day.

“I did not focus on hitting a certain budget per day, and instead took a general attempt to stay at budget hostels and to eat local food, but I always did the fun activities in each place,” she said. “I had no idea what I would spend before hand, so did not plan it, just tracked it all as I went and then came up with my totals.”

Now several years later as an experienced traveler, Shannon knows about how much to plan for and a comfortable budget she can stay within on the road.

Here’s how it broke down during her first trip: (as always these costs are per person, all inclusive, per day)

  • Western Europe – $60
  • Eastern Europe– $45
  • SE Asia – $22
  • India– $18
  • Asia – $20
  • Australia/New Zealand– $49.50

As an expert on balancing work and travel, Shannon has written extensively on travel finances and value. Check our her RTW Budget Travel post which details the numbers noted above. She also has a fabulous budget spreadsheet with itemized spending her country, which is worth a look as well if you’re setting up your own spreadsheet.

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