Save in Unlikely Places

So you want to go overseas this year, but you aren’t ready to sell it all and vagabond your way around the world?5105832069 1db6c45252 How to make your travel dreams a reality

You don’t have to quit your job, give up your apartment and sell your worldly possessions to have an amazing travel adventure in 2011. And I’m not talking about just staying home for an adventurous “staycation” either. Here are three easy things you can do to right now to start working towards your travel adventure:

1. Make a reasonable budget. Probably the number one question we have about the trip is, how did you pay for it? We made a reasonable budget and we stuck to it. That’s plain and simple. In fact, we get asked this question so often that we’ve developed a free online budgeting tool.4103397364 ec405d2617 How to make your travel dreams a reality Start saving money now and you’ll be surprised how much you can put away in just a few months.

2. Be flexible. Identify what kind of travel adventure you want to have- is it cultural? Is it to be out in nature? Is it to eat incredible food? Stay on an amazing beach? Whatever it is, identify the common and uncommon places to have those adventures. You want to go on an African Safari? Sure you can go to East Africa, but you can also do your own safari for less money in South Africa. Be flexible with your destination; stay focused on what it is you want to do instead of the place.

3. Get a Passport. According to the State Department only 22% of American’s have a passport. That’s shocking. With fees increasing all the time,4790568613 d1d95d55eb How to make your travel dreams a reality it’s cheaper over the long run to get your passport now. Plus, a passport is good for 10 years and you’ll be able to take advantage of that cheap travel deal when you see it. It can take a few weeks to process your passport, so don’t miss out on your travel adventure just because you didn’t plan ahead. Trust me, the expedite fees are steep.

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