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One Couple…

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Adam and his wife traveled around the world in 2008-2009.  Over their 12 months on the road, they explored South America, SE Asia, Australia/New Zealand and India.  As a result of their RTW trip, Adam made a career move from teaching to travel writing.  Today, Adam is the RTW travel expert for Boots ‘N All.

The Saving

For most people, saving for an RTW can be the most daunting task.  Adam and his wife saved the old fashioned way- they cut costs.

“We saved for about 18 months, living on a college-type budget to save as much as we possibly could,” said Adam. “We gave up all the things we loved – eating out, going to bars, and buying new stuff.”

During those 18 months, the pair put together a budget of what they thought they could actually spend on a trip around the world.  Once they had the money saved, they put the plan into action.

The Budget

The pair stuck to a strict budget on the road to make the money last. “We wrote down every penny we spent every single day,” said Adam.  “It was necessary to stay on budget, in my opinion.”  We agree, time and time again we notice that the travelers we profile consistently write down every penny while traveling.  While this may seem a bit annoying, it allows you to know if you have enough money to do that awesome bungee jump, or go to that expensive restaurant.  As each place they went was different in terms of costs and spending, by tracking his spending Adam was able to adjust the pair’s budget as necessary on the road.”

Here’s how their adventure broke out:  (Per person, all inclusive, per day in USD)

  • South America– $35
  • SE Asia– $35
  • India– $30
  • Australia/New Zealand– $100

The pair didn’t plan to work on the road, but that may be an option you want to consider. Keeping to a strict budget helped them maximize their funds and make the most of their journey.

Now an RTW expert for Boots ‘N All, Adam writes regularly on financing and budgeting for an RTW trip.  For more of his insight, check out his writing on:

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