How To: Budget Tools you can Use

Setting up and RTW travel budget should be the first step in your planning process.  There are many tools available online for helping you set up a budget, which are a quick and easy way to keep track of your spending before, during and after the trip.  You can sort through them yourself,  but here are the basics to look for:

Travel Budget

1. Free Budgeting Tools.  That’s right, you’re looking to save, and honestly there’s no reason to pay for any of these services at this stage of the game.

2. KISS.  Keep it Simple Stupid. You don’t need something with blinking lights, you need something that’s easy to use.  Look for features like charts and graphs which will help you visualize your spending.

3. Customizable. Look for a tool you can customize with your own categories and tags.  You want to be able to see how much you spent on entertainment, but also within that category how much was on dinner, and furthermore how much you spent on dinner with your significant other (or maybe not!).  Make sure the tool you find is customizable.

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