Couples: IShouldLogOff

One Couple….
21 Months…
50 Countries…

Grand Total: $59,114

The total includes all airfare, (except the one trip we took between the US and Europe since that was for a wedding and not for travel) buses, food, lodging, gifts, souvenirs, postage fees, visas and medical expenses.

In Their Words

Danny from IShouldLogOff Explains…

Otherwise it’s all there. Transportation accounted for nearly one third of all of our spending. Activities averaged out to be about a quarter and food and lodging combined for 28%, but we spent a touch more on food than we did on sleeping, probably thanks to couchsurfing. The remaining 15% or so were the miscellaneous things that can vary dramatically such as how many souvenirs we purchased, over $2500 in visa fees, and how much time we spent at the Internet cafe or on the phone.

The point of all of this, of telling you our deepest darkest secret, is to make it abundantly clear how easy this is to do if you make it a goal and stick to it.

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